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Wolff Industries Ookami Gold Sharpening System

Wolff Industries  Ookami Gold Sharpening System


The OGC-TAS comes with the following:
OOKAMI GOLD® Sharpener
OOKAMI GOLD® Industrial Video
OOKAMI GOLD® Industrial Manual
OOKAMI GOLD® Polishing Wheel
OOKAMI GOLD® Polishing Compound
OOKAMI GOLD® Honing Block Kit

Diamond Sharpening Wheel 800 grit
Practice Beauty Shears
Shears Lock Clamp
Deluxe Screw Pliers Kit
Set Adjusting Tool
Repair Parts Kit
Angle Gage
Fine White Hone
Wheel Dressing Brick
Standard Sharpening Wheel
Professional Honing Wheel
Professional Instructional Video
Professional Operators Manual

Our price: $834.95

Wolff Industries  Ookami Gold Sharpening System

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